APEX PROGRAM, June 2-9, 2013 | Para leer en español
Fundación Patrimonio Fílmico Colombiano and NYU-MIAP Program

2013apex_juana_blogThe APEX 2013 was a MIAP student-led initiative to visit and team up with the Colombian Film Heritage Foundation (Fundación Patrimonio Fílmico Colombiano) for the preservation of audiovisual materials of historical, cultural, and aesthetic importance. APEX is oriented towards the collaborative and international culture of film preservation as well as the promotion of academic dialogue on the topic. Former APEX collaborations include an exchange with the Museo del Cine Pablo Ducrós (Argentina, 2009) and Ghana Broadcasting Corporation and the University of Ghana (Ghana, 2008 and 2012).

For the 2013 edition, a team of sixteen students, alumni, and faculty participated. The student participants are active members of the Association of Moving Image Archivists (AMIA-NYU Student Chapter), which was selected to receive a 2013 President’s Service Award for engaging scholars, professionals, and enthusiasts in active efforts to save and promote neglected film, video, and digital materials, and for its service to local non-profit organizations in New York City. APEX 2013 was an opportunity for MIAP students to expand international networking, get acquainted with practices in archives located in other countries, and obtain much needed expertise in transnational contexts.

The project would have been impossible to carry out without funding and support from our hosting cultural partners, Proimágenes Colombia and the Colombian Film Heritage Foundation. Additional support was provided by the Office of the Dean of NYU Tisch School of the Arts, NYU Cinema Studies/Moving Image Archiving and Preservation Fund, and the World Cinema Foundation.

Prior to the actual visit, we had established an agreement on tasks to fulfill while in Colombia. Those included a good balance of work with analog and digital elements as follows:

  • Preservation and analysis of the documentaries and outtakes of the documentary series Yurupari, directed by Gloria Triana
  • Verifying content and status of 16mm Teletigre International newsreels
  • Verifying content and status of 35 mm Actualidad Panamericana newsreels
  • Attending a presentation on regional amateur cinema at Cinemateca Distrital and exchanging views with those involved in the different projects
  • Assessment of storage and management practices of digitized audiovisual, paper and graphic documents
  • Professor Howard Besser’s lecture on digital preservation at Jorge Tadeo Lozano University
  • Repatriation of Colombian film elements located on the premises of Katina Productions (NYC-Soho)
  • Visit to Cine Color Digital Lab

We held a workshop with the support of Fundación Promedio on maintenance and preservation of personal archives. We also made an impromptu visit to Luis Ospina, a renowned Colombian filmmaker who has taken on the task of organizing his personal film archive, which consists of his own documents as well as materials related to filmmaker Carlos Mayolo and writer Andrés Caicedo.

The goal of APEX programs is that collaborations extend beyond the period of the visit. We are currently working on the selection of a couple of Colombian films to propose to the Library of Congress for a restoration and digitization project. Those films will be featured at Orphans Film Festival 9 at EYE Film Institute Netherlands. We also hope to be able to host some archivists from Patrimonio for any of the many events, workshops and seminars that take place in New York, and expand our global dialogue on archives by teaming up for many other projects and initiatives.

My sincere gratitude to all the participants and sponsors. Special thanks to Shira Peltzman and Julia Kim for their work as co-organizers, and to Pamela Vizner and Kim Tarr for assistant in editing, translating, and preparing documents and protocols. Also to Kelly Haydon for design and work on this blog.

Juana Suárez | juana@nyu.edu
APEX 2013


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